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Evening Training

In 2015, STC determined there was a need for ongoing monthly training – in the evening – for Governments and Organizations throughout the region.  The first series of classes was based on training participants in the process of a DIY comprehensive plan.  Class selections for subsequent years have focused on increasing the basic operational knowledge for local organizations by training local government officials, municipal staff, community volunteers, and non-profit participants. 

Jan 2023 TBD

A few classes are repeated every year:

  • ARC grants & Grant writing 
  • 4 hour Intro to Planning and Zoning
  • SEQR training
  • NYS FOIL / Open Meetings Law

Other classes are added in response to local issues:

  • Handling Heated Meetings
  • Property Maintenance, Code Enforcement, & Mobile Homes
  • Planning in Water’s Way (planning for development in flood prone communities)

STC is accepting suggestions for classes in 2023

September TBD

Novemeber TBD

December 2023

January 2024

February 2024

Diaster Preparedness

Managing Local Government Elections




Please call or email the office to discuss your training and continuing education needs. If you need a Training Certificate for a class attended in 2019 or 2020, feel free to call our office: (607)962-5092