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STC Services

STC Regional Planning & Development Board

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STC Services

Services Provided:

Assistance with Project Funding

STC is designated as a Local Development District of the Appalachian Regional Commission and an Economic Development District of the Economic Development Administration.  These designations enable STC to qualify for special grant funding and project assistance to promote important local economic and community development projects.  Elected officials, economic developers, industry representatives, and area specialists from the three participating counties work with STC to set priorities and recommend projects for funding through STC’s Board of Directors and advisory committees. 

STC’s annual Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) serves as the official economic development plan for the region.  It provides long range planning that looks at major regional economic issues and provides strategies for future development and implementation.

STC Regional Programs and Activities

Economic Development Planning

Economic development programs and services include strategic planning, technical assistance to communities and agencies for ARC and EDA economic development grants, preparation of county and regional economic profiles, and coordination with economic development agencies and organizations within each of the three counties.


Community Planning

Community planning services include assistance with site planning, subdivision reviews, industrial site development, master plan development, hazard mitigation planning, floodplain management, zoning updates, and environmental reviews. Where appropriate, STC is including energy efficiency-related goals and strategies in its plans in line with the Cleaner Greener Southern Tier plan completed with NYSERDA funding.

Environmental Planning

STC provides planning and technical assistance to partners involved in protecting and utilizing the region’s water resources.  This program supports local communities, stormwater coalitions, watershed organizations, county water quality committees, state agencies, and others.  STC took the lead on developing an ecosystem-based watershed management plan for the Susquehanna and Chemung Basins of New York. STC works with local communities and coordinates with the Seneca Lake Partners in Five Counties (SLAP-5), the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, Friends of the Chemung River Watershed, and county water quality coordination committees.

Flood Assistance

STC provides technical assistance to local governments and the public with flood mitigation, flood warning, stormwater management, stream corridor protection, and risk communication.  STC works on behalf of the region on flood mapping and flood insurance issues. STC also promotes improved state and federal policies for managing flood risks and reducing future damage. 

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Transportation Planning

Transportation services include coordination of regional highway, transit, aviation, water and rail transportation planning.  STC works closely with the Elmira Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Schuyler-Steuben Transportation Committee


Human Services Planning

STC provides planning and technical assistance to communities, agencies and industries in the areas of workforce support, child care, health care, and the development of workforce skills and training.  STC  prepares a periodic human service needs assessment, provides grant assistance for Appalachian Regional Commission human service proposals, and serves as a clearinghouse for human services information.

Local Government Assistance and Training

Services include targeted information, assistance and training for local government officials and community leaders.  An annual Regional Leadership Conference is held, offering training, information, and resources for the region’s local government officials.   STC also offers monthly evening training on a variety of topics.


Services include planning and coordination of telecommunications infrastructure throughout the region.   STC was instrumental in planning and obtaining funds for the Southern Tier Network (STN), a dark fiber backbone running through the three counties. STC continues to support STN as it brings the highest speed broadband connectivity to the region.


Technical Assistance to Communities

STC provides services to local communities including shared service studies, community surveys, grant development, locally developed projects, and downtown revitalization.


GIS Services

STC offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technical assistance and mapping to communities for use in grant applications, public works departments and site development assistance.

Research and Data Services

STC maintains current information on federal and state grant programs, researches specified subjects and issues, and acts as a regional clearinghouse and NYS Affiliated Data Center for Census information, labor and industry information, and demographic data.

Sustainability/Livability Planning

STC staff is prepared to address livability concerns throughout the STC region. The specific focus of these sustainability activities has been to include local sustainability analysis and livability principals in strategies and plans produced by/with STCRPDB.

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