STC’s Board Development Project is recruiting and training individuals to serve local volunteer and appointed boards in the community.  

Local government volunteer boards serve many important functions, like: providing resident’s input and offering recommendations to elected representatives.  Communities in the STC Region have hundreds of appointed boards, and thousands of appointed board seats.  If you are interested, there is an opportunity for you to join a local government appointed board or work with your village/town/city to start a committee for a specific purpose. 

Similarly, non-profit boards also require board members to oversee the mission of the organization, responsibly manage finances, and provide ‘big-picture guidance’ to staff and volunteers. According to the IRS, there are more than 634 non-profit organizations based in this three county area; each non-profit will have a board of five or more members.  Therefore, we can estimate that there are more than 3,000 board seats for non-profits based in Chemung, Schuyler, or Steuben County.  As individuals’ board terms end, there are new opportunities to become a member on some of the non-profit organizations that matter to you.   You can join a non-profit organization’s committees or volunteer with  the group to learn more,  then seek a board seat when you are ready for the responsibilities of that role.  

The buttons below will bring you to the updated list of municipal websites for the communities in each county. Municipal websites often contain information about meeting times and minutes for appointed boards and committees. 

Several organizations serve non-profits in our region; in part by sharing information about current and oncoming opportunities.   Please visit these websites for more information about non-profit board/committee opportunities in our region.