Schuyler County Water Quality Coordinating Committee

                                         "Seneca Lake," a painting by Tom Gardner


Invasive Species Alert! HYDRILLA
Hydrilla is an aggressive aquatic weed that has been described as "one of the world's worst aquatic invasive plants." It was detected in the Cayuga Lake Inlet in Ithaca in 2011. The risk of hydrilla spreading to other waterbodies in the region is considered to be substantial.

Hydrilla Information (Schuyler County Soil & Water Conservation District)


Water Quality Coordinating Committee

The purpose of the Water Quality Coordinating Committee is to:

Act as a forum for discussion of water quality concerns in Schuyler County. It provides an avenue of opportunity where specific water quality problems can be discussed and potential solutions found.   

Generate interest in and pursue funding to attack specific water quality  problems in the county and educate the public about watershed management and its importance for maintaining high water quality in the future.

The committee, acting as an educational forum, reports only to itself on behalf of the water resources in Schuyler County.

Committee Members

Schuyler County Water Resource Strategy, 2007

Schuyler County Water Quality Strategy for Highway Operations, 2007

Managing your Private Water Supply Related to Natural Gas Development in Schuyler County

Water Quality Sampling for Private Wells (Schuyler County Watershed Protection Agency website)

Reporting Polluting Discharges in Schuyler County


Lake and Watershed Information

Oswego River/Finger Lakes Watershed (NYSDEC web page)

Seneca Lake Watershed Management Plan

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Seneca Lake Area Partners in Five Counties (SLAP-5)

Seneca Lake Water Quality, 2009 - presentation by Dr. John Halfman, Finger Lakes Institute

Chemung River Watershed (NYSDEC web page)

Lamoka-Waneta Lakes Association

Meads Creek Watershed Strategic Action Plan (2007)

Susquehanna River Watershed (NYSDEC web page)

Susquehanna-Chemung Action Plan (2012)

Small Lakes Mapping: A series of maps showing watershed boundaries, contours, and steep slopes/soils for small lakes in the region. These include Cayuta Lake and Lamoka-Waneta Lakes in Schuyler County.

STC watershed basin map, 2012

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