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Update 8/12/2020: added a link to the " SF-424 family"

Update 8/12/2020: Corrected the link to the NYS self suffciency statement and uploaded Budget Format A for construction projects. 

Update 8/3/2020: In light of new guidance from NYS, STC is moving up our ARC deadline by one day.  Applications are now due in the STC office by 5pm on 8/20/2020. ARC applications will be processed more quickly by NYS this year - so ARC funds can be used to effciently to tackle COVID related economic, workforce, educational, and health concerns.  this change at the state level could result in ARC applications being awarded 'early' (possibly in FFY2021, which begins in Oct. 2020) - the associated window for spending matching funds on the project will also be advanced.  Applicants remain able to suggest theri own project stat date... if an early start doesn't benefit your project, then feel free to complete your application with a 'later' project start date. 

Updated 6/8/2020:  These are the most recent documents provided by New York State.   This year STC is only accepting digital applications.  We will accept emails and files dropped off on ‘flash drives’.

In order to comply with state and federal grant application requirements, applicants will submit many different documents which form the complete application when assessed as a whole.  These documents must answer all the question in the ARC Application checklist.   A competed application will include many individual documents and Federal Forms; some of which are only accessible in Adobe Editor.  If you can’t edit or open these then please reach out to STC, we may be able to assist you.  Applicants do not need to merge all the documents into a single final document. 

Application and Reference Material

Application Materials

Reference Materials

Section1: Executive Summary and Certification Page

Section 2: Forms (extra link to SF-424 family list)
Non Construction: SF424A & SF424B
Construction: SF424C & SF424D & NYS Smart Growth Form
Memorandum of Understanding
NYS Sustainability & Phased Effort Form
Self Sufficiency Statement
Application Workplan & Timeline
Funding Sources & Commitments
Budget Format B (non-construction)
Budget Format A (construction)

Table of Contents

Section 3: Project Narrative (# Pages)
Project Narrative

Section 4: Budget & Supporting Materials
Budget Narrative (# Pages)

Section 5:Additional Documentation

NYS Application Guidance and Implementing Strategies

Guide to ARC Performance Measures (Outputs and Outcomes)

ARC Distressed Areas Link (Interactive Map)


Eligible Projects.   Proposals will relate to one of the above goals and could include workforce training, basic skills, workforce assessments, economic development plans and strategies, child care and early childhood education, telecommunications, job related infrastructure, leadership, business development, necessary public infrastructure, educational excellence, local government assistance demonstrations, or rural health and mental health initiatives. You can access a list of prior ARC funded projects here. 


Eligible Applicants.   Units of local government, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions may apply for ARC grants.

Amount of Funding.   Grants from $5,000 to  $150,000 are available for non construction projects.  In the NYS strategic plan, the state expressed a preference for funding smaller projects, thereby stretching the impact of the ARC grant funding.  Construction [projects may receive ARC grant awards up to $200,000; the 1:1 match ratio must be maintained. 

Matching Funds / Continuation.   All grants require a 50% match in cash and/or eligible in-kind services from federal, state, and local sources, although total federal funding is limited to 80% of total project cost for infrastructure, construction, and equipment projects.  ARC provides funds for start-up and the first year of operation, and ARC-funded projects are expected to be self-sufficient after the project period, normally one year.

Basic Agency.  ARC is not able to provide local project monitoring for construction projects.  Therefore, ARC requires applicants for construction projects to arrange, in advance, for a "basic agency" to provide on-the-ground project review.   STC will work with sponsors to identify a basic agency, which will receive an outline of the project in order to determine whether the basic agency can support the project.  Rural Development has a long history of acting as a basic agency in this region.  To use USDA as your Basic Agency, you MUST complete a USDA application; contact the USDA office in Bath for more information.

Procedure.   For FY2021, applications are due August 20th,  2020; When the full applications have been reviewed, rated, and ranked; then STC will submit these projects to the NYS ARC representatives (NYS Department of State).  At the New York State Department of State, the projects are reviewed and approved by the Secretary of State and submitted to the federal ARC office.  The federal ARC office will complete an independent project review and allocate funding. 

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