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Application Guidance
All applicants must work with Ms. Ehlen.  STC staff will assist applicants with questions about grantwriting, funding, budgets, and letters of support.  Applicants that do not work with STC staff risk submitting an incomplete application and earning a low project score; By working with STC staff on the project application you may earn an additional 10-15 points for your project. 
STC's Application Guidance


Avoid These Common Mistakes
Do not submit the application in binders or folders.  Please submit your applications clipped together. 

STC can provide assistance to applicants completing a table of contents, please ask for details from V. Ehlen or Ms. Robertson. 

Always include all letters of support; acquire a letter of support from any organization mentioned in your application. 

All budget estimates referenced in your application should match the SF 424's, the narratives, and the supporting documentation. 

Applications are not complete without signatures on the cover form, SF424, and each page of SF424 a&b or SF424 c&d.  This includes a signature on the self-sufficiency statement. 

On form SF424 B, Each line should represent a distinct funding source.  ARC funds on line 1, local match on line 2, and so-on.   

On form SF424 C, line 17: The question is "The requested federal grant funds represent what percent of total project costs?" You must input a percent (between 0-50); the form will auto-calculate a dollar value.  This dollar value must match the amount requested from ARC in all other forms.

ARC funding is the 'last-in' funding for a project.  Therefore, the status of local match should always be 'committed' for Section 4 Question 2.   



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