SLAP-5 meets every two months alternating between Montour Falls and Geneva. The SLAP-5 membership is composed of county and regional organizations working to protect and improve Seneca Lake.  Please see the Documents list below for recent minutes and periodic newsletters. The SLAP-5 brochure describes the group and its important work.

Since 1996, SLAP-5 has been undertaking watershed planning. In 1999, STC worked with SLAP-5 to create "Setting a Course for Seneca Lake: the state of the Seneca Lake Watershed", the culmination of that effort. Since that time, the counties have implemented many of the report's recommendations including ditch and roadbank stabilization, water quality monitoring, proper manure storage and handling procedures, and local law updates. 

In late 2008, SLAP-5 received word that the NYS Department of State had approved $152,500, to be matched dollar for dollar at the local level, for the next steps of a watershed management plan for Seneca Lake. Word was just received (June 2010) that NYSDOS has signed the contract and subcontracts are now in the works. Check back soon for details on this exciting venture and how you can participate. We hope to start the project during the summer of 2010.


SLAP-5 Minutes - May 6, 2013Open File / 79.02 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - January 7, 2013Open File / 71.69 kB
Schuyler County's Law - To Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive SpeciesOpen File / 469.98 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - November 5, 2012Open File / 72.32 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - September 10, 2012Open File / 65.02 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - July 2, 2012Open File / 61.42 kB
SLAP-5 May 2012 NewsletterOpen File / 658.72 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - May 7, 2012Open File / 65.08 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - March 5, 2012Open File / 85.16 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - January 9, 2012Open File / 73.20 kB
Critical Environmental Areas Under SEQR: What Do They Mean?Open File / 133.50 kB
Date: 7/12/2010
Author: NYSDEC,
Description: This PowerPoint presentation explains the Critical Environmental Area (CEA) designation and its implication on decision-making.
SLAP-5 Brochure - Information About Who We AreOpen File / 221.99 kB
Description: Seneca Lake Area Partners in 5 Counties.
SLAP-5 Brochure - Don't Buy Septic Tank AdditivesOpen File / 98.35 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - Home Buyer's Guide to Onsite SystemsOpen File / 81.70 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - Managing On Site Wastewater SystemsOpen File / 128.82 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - Stormwater PondOpen File / 392.24 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - The Scoop About Pet PoopOpen File / 118.43 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - Water Conservation PamphletOpen File / 99.65 kB
SLAP-5 Brochure - Welcome to Living in an Agricultural DistrictOpen File / 90.52 kB
SLAP 5 Minutes - November 7, 2011Open File / 496.10 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - September 12, 2011Open File / 31.93 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - July 11, 2011Open File / 525.23 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - May 2, 2011Open File / 508.63 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - March 7, 2011Open File / 498.93 kB
SLAP-5 Minutes - January 10, 2011Open File / 615.88 kB
The Scoop about Poop - BrochureOpen File / 111.88 kB
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