Better Site Design / Low Impact Development

Better Site Design is an approach to reducing the effect of stormwater runoff from new and redevelopment projects by incorporating non-structural on-site treatment into the project design. The purpose is to improve development projects and communities by:

  • Preserving undisturbed areas, natural drainage systems and green space;
  • Reducing impervious cover (pavement and other hard surfaces); and
  • Using pervious areas for stormwater treatment so that water absorbs into the ground and stays on the land.

STC produced a two-page homeowner's leaflet in 2009 entitled "Rainwater: A Resource for Homeowners" which describes Better Site Design practices for a residential lot.

The STC  Low Impact Development LID Sampler was published in August 2007.  This booklet highlights techniques, built in the Upper Susquehanna River watershed, that increase groundwater recharge, expand greenery in our urban spaces and reduce the amount of water that becomes damaging "runoff."  New chapters will be added soon to describe the rain gardens built in 2009. Please CLICK HERE to go to the full text of the LID Sampler or here for the chapters.  Also available are the  Rainwater is Good powerpoint and Bibliography of LID Resources.  STC has produced the powerpoint, Micro-managing Water One Site at a Time, that provides an overview of LID techniques. 

Two popular techniques for homeowners are rain barrels and rain gardens.  STC is working with the Rural Stormwater Coalition to promote these practices to reduce stormwater runoff from residential properties.

NYSDEC has just revised (August 2010)  the Stormwater Management Design Manual.  The manual now includes Green Infrastructure Practices that provide guidance to developers and designers to plan for and implement environmentally-sound designs while reducing the effects of stormwater runoff through both regulatory and non-regulatory techniques.

EPA has recently released an excellent nine-minute video about LID - click HERE to view it. 


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