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Floods of record

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Modified: 07/29/2009

Practices for reducing the effects of stormwater runoff from a residential lot

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Modified: 07/21/2009

Characterization and Subwatershed Evaluation

File Name: SenecaLakeWatershedPlan_2012.pdf
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Proposals due by 4:00 PM on Friday, August 20, 2021

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Agenda ~*Finger Lakes as a Heritage Area *GIS Tools and Potential for government Efficiency *Current and Future Land Use Trends and Role of Planning *Intergovernmental Review 2108 and 2109
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Guidance for avoiding runoff and erosion problems

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Suggested by Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board (2010).

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A document certifying that the application is truthful and correct.

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Agenda ~ *Approving 2020 Audit *Board meetings-Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid *STN Grants and the State of Broadband *Intergovernmental Review 2107
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2021 Regional Leadership Conference Schedule of Virtual Events

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